Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coming up for air....

Lol...I am attempting to update my blogs, and have saved this one for last. I can't say that I am a successful writer at this point, but I can say that I have managed to avoid having to go back to an office job where I will be miserable.

Unfortunately, I also have to admit that I have not been giving this opportunity everything I have. I am working just barely enough to keep my head afloat at this point, and not much more. But at this point, it is a process that I am trying to get a handle on.

This, I have to say, is currently my main problem. I have a HUGE problem with procrastination, and although I go to bed every night saying that TOMORROW will be hasn't been, yet. But I have hope, and I have faith in myself, which I think might be my biggest asset at this point.

I'll be back soon with more info.